The SIRC patches

What are the patches?

There are actually two patches, both of which you can download right here.  You should apply both patches.

You can download all of them together in ircseven-utils.tar.bz2.  If you don't use Freenode and don't care about CAP IDENTIFY-MSG support, you may want to download just the SIRC diffs separately in sirc-diffs.tar.bz2.

What do they do?

Quite a bit, actually, including both bug fixes and functional extensions.  This is the approximate tally of features added or changed:

Feature enhancements:

Bug fixes:

[1]  None of these changes have been tested by me with ksirc, though I understand a maintainer of ksirc has applied these patches or tested them with ksirc (I'm not entirely sure of the status).  I do not guarantee that they will all work as intended with ksirc, nor that using these patches and tools will be sufficient to give CAP IDENTIFY-MSG support under ksirc.  Additional changes to ksirc may be required, and changes made to ssfe will probably not have any effect under ksirc, because I don't think ksirc uses ssfe -- it's a graphical front-end for dsirc, as ssfe is a console-mode front-end to dsirc.  If you wish to use these with ksirc, make a backup copy of your sirc/ssfe source first, and test carefully.  If you come up with additional patches to complete CAP IDENTIFY-MSG support under ksirc, please let me know.

[2]  CAP IDENTIFY-MSG is a new feature in Freenode ircds from dancer-ircd to the current irc-seven, which enables you to visually distinguish users who have identified to Freenode services from those who have not, in order to prevent identity spoofing.  This patch implements CAP IDENTIFY-MSG support as follows. 

NOTE:  Many browsers render boldfacing of certain characters (specifically including dashes, asterisks and angle brackets), very poorly, at least in certain fonts.  Mine (Mozilla 1.6) is among them.  I have therefore used white text in this table to indicate normal text and cyan to indicate bold.

Message type
Identified user
Non-identified user
Open message

⟨usernick⟩ feep!

⟨⟨usernick⟩⟩ feep!

Private message

[usernick] feep!

[[usernick]] feep!


-usernick- feep!

--usernick-- feep!

Open action

* usernick feeps

** usernick feeps

Private action (/describe)

*> usernick feeps

**> usernick feeps

(This actually stands out rather better in an sirc session than it does in this table.)