Internet Citizens' Band Messenger -- A threaded Perl client for the ICB service

ICBM is a threaded ICB client written in Perl5 which supports a superset of the functionality of CICB (the ICB C Client, the de facto standard ICB client).  This allows ICBM to be readily extended to support many features that CICB does not, and to gracefully do a number of things that CICB does poorly if at all.  (CICB has its own advantages, including a much smaller memory footprint, though.)  The primary purpose of ICBM, however, is as a portable ICB client which can be scripted in Perl instead of in TCL.  While it has become traditional for ICB/ForumNet clients to embed TCL, scripting in TCL via an embedded interpreter imposes many pitfalls and yields many unexpected side effects, TCL being a much more opaque and user-hostile language than Perl.  It is ICBM's intention to far exceed the scripting capabilities of other ICB clients.


ICBM Selected Features

ICBM Requirements

ICBM Documentation

Read the README.ICBM file contained in the tarball, or run:

Download ICBM

The latest version of ICBM is always available in .tar.gz format here as icbm-current.tar.gz.

ICBM Changelog Since Initial Public Release